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Adding livejournal blogs to your DW reading page

Just in case you need it, there is a way to add any LJ blog to your DW reading page.

To do so go to your DW feeds page (Settings - Read - Feeds) and in "Feed URL" window enter (replace lj_username with the actual username of LJ blog you want to subscribe to).
After that DW will display another page prompting you to enter a name for the feed. Enter it, and then subscribe to it.
If someone had already subscribed to that LJ feed before, DW will display an existing link. Click on it and subscribe.

You can subscribe both to personal journals and communities. Naturally, you will see only public entries, but it's still better than noting.

Banner re-upload

As LJ becomes less and less reliable nowdays, I've uploaded fanfiction banners I made to deviant art. You can get them here:
"The Letters" banner is slightly revised, other images remain unchanged.
ETA: "Between Past and Present Tense" banner was slightly edited as well.

I also started uploading my episode stills image collection to AtS Caps, seasons 1-4 are already done. Hardly anything new here, but in case you need them...

Oh, and happy upcoming New Year, everyone!
(Though my feelings today are better described by Gunn):
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